Marlina, The Murderer Inward Iv Acts

2017 | Director : Mouly Surya | 95 minutes

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 co-production betwixt Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand together with France, the painting tells nigh the even out of ane Sumbanese adult woman Marlina together with her journeying to uncovering justice.

The painting opens amongst Act I, The Robbery, where the newly widowed Marlina (Marsha Timothy) receiving an unexpected see from Markus (Egi Fedly), who nonchalantly told her that at that topographic point would vi to a greater extent than men coming to own got her coin together with her livestock. "And if nosotros own got time, we'll slumber amongst you," he said piece playing a small-scale string musical instrument adjacent to Marlina's mummified dead husband.

He told Marlina to gear upwards nutrient (chicken soup) for his robber gang, together with fifty-fifty demanded to endure served betel nut together with coffee, simply similar a respectable guest. Marlina does every bit told, but adds a tube element that leaves 4 robbers cash inwards one's chips after consuming the soup. When she tries to serve Markus the soup, she drops the plates together with and thus decapitates him every bit he forces himself on her.

Two other robbers already exit amongst her livestocks: 10 cows, 10 pigs together with vii chicken. She spends the nighttime burning the small-scale string musical instrument inwards the kitchen together with leaning to her dead hubby inwards the living room.

Act II, The Journey, shows Marlina leaving abode the adjacent morning, amongst Markus' caput inwards tow, to study the representative to the police. She runs to her heavily important neighbor, Novi (Dea Panendra), who is on her means to the urban marrow to reunite amongst her hubby Umbu. The chatterbox Novi every bit good every bit a lady who is delivering 2 horses for her nephew's marriage produce non balk at the sight of Marlina's weapon together with "evidence". They fifty-fifty portion tips together with stories on how to own got shine task every bit they portion ride on a truck.

In the middle of the journey, the 2 robbers own got over the truck when Marlina together with Novi are taking pee halt inwards the bushes. Novi distracts the robbers to unopen to other house together with continues travelling amongst the truck driver, the lady of the horses together with the nephew. Marlina afterward finds a Equus caballus tied on a rope together with rides the creature to the nearest constabulary station. She arrives early on at the constabulary station together with decides to own got a plate of satay. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 picayune daughter named Topan (Safira Ahmad) takes her social club together with helps keeping a box containing Markus' caput inwards her place.

In Act III, The Confession, Marlina has to hold back for the constabulary officers to complete the tabular array lawn tennis do earlier she tin study her representative (which is rape together with robbery, but non the murder). The constabulary takes depository fiscal establishment complaint on her case, but does non actually pay attention. He told her that to test on her rape case, they had to hold back for the arrival of the medical equipment, which is scheduled inwards the adjacent month. She walks out of the constabulary station inwards a disappointed state, together with afterward existence comforted yesteryear Topan's hug.

Meanwhile, Novi in conclusion meets her hubby Umbu after the lady of the horses together with the nephew grapple to own got over the truck from the robbers. However, Umbu thinks she is cheating on him because Franz (Yoga Pratama), ane of the 2 robbers, insinuates him amongst the thought when he takes Novi's mobilephone. Umbu hits her together with leaves her, piece Franz tardily approaches. Franz forces her to telephone telephone Marlina together with inquire her to come upwards dorsum abode amongst Markus' head.

The painting concludes inwards Act IV, The Birth, amongst Novi decapitating Franz's caput together with and thus delivering the baby. Oh my God, thus many blood inwards this painting ane would intend Mouly Surya tries to re-create Quentin Tarantino. 

Just similar many (if non all?) Indonesian films out there, this painting every bit good has many scenes that produce not  fit good amongst the reality. For example, (1) a small-scale eating seat serving satay inwards the middle of Sumba's savana is almost impossible to be (I'm proverb this based on my ain experience), (2) they role cellular telephone for communication, but together with thus calorie-free upwards candle at nighttime (why non exhibit a solar panel?), together with (3) inwards the closing scene, Marlina rides ane of the motorbikes, which made me thinking:"Instead of hitching the truck to accomplish constabulary station, why didn't she role the motorcycle inwards the get-go place?"

Some of my friends, including those who own got lived inwards Sumba, commented that the painting does non portray the existent Sumba. They said that the painting solely sold the beautiful landscape of Sumba without actually showing the civilization that is ingrained inwards everyday's life. Having visited Sumba myself, I tin care amongst most of their comments.

We tin ever criticize everything, but at that topographic point are a lot of things to endure celebrated nigh this movie. Let me scream the overstep 3 from my indicate of view: (1) It features women every bit the atomic number 82 actors, together with the women are non portrayed every bit weak, timid creatures, but active humans that resolve their ain problems, (2) Despite the slightly missed portrayal of the culture, it brings populace attending to Sumba (and most eastern Republic of Indonesia area), because most Indonesian films were shot inwards Jakarta, Bali or other western Republic of Indonesia area, thus it actually puts the expanse into the limelight, together with (3) It has garnered several nominations from international cinema festivals.

This painting has been screened inwards Cannes Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Sitges International Film Festival together with Busan International Film Festival. Marsha Timothy fifty-fifty won best actress awards inwards Sitges International Film Festival. It's non everyday that an Indonesian painting gets such a skillful rap. Go together with pick out care of Marlina inwards the nearest painting menage close you.


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