Losing Memories

My 500GB portable difficult disk decided to decease on Mon morning. When I plugged it to the laptop, it made ticking audio similar a grandfather's clock. The information technology mortal inwards the role said I'd ameliorate purchase a novel i because it's most impossible to repair it. 

The stupidest affair was I told the information technology guy to format the disk without backing upwards the files because I idea I already had the same files inwards the laptop at home. But when I checked the laptop again...guess what, I had deleted many files at that spot because I thought  the portable had disk would practise the job.

The portable difficult disk is merely a thing, in addition to if you lot know me inwards existent life, I wouldn't attention less of a thing, peculiarly an electronic gadget. What makes me grief is the fact that the portable difficult disk held the photos of my travel, in addition to I merely lost them. 

I had the portable difficult disk since 2010, but I accept stored photos of my travels from the previous years. Now that I'm inventorying all the travels in addition to photos, I realize how much photos (and life experiences) I've accumulated betwixt 2004 in addition to 2014.

2004 : Shanghai, China
2006 : Mt. Gede, Republic of Indonesia
2008 : Singapore
2009 : Beijing, China 
2010 : Mt. Beuticanar, Kei Island, Ujung Genteng, Bali-Lombok, Ende, Indonesia; Seoul, South Korea;  
2011 : Rome, Italy; Hanoi, Vietnam; Belitong, Mt. Krakatau, Indonesia
2012 : Istanbul, Turkey; Kyiv-Lviv-Odesa, Ukraine; Ujung Kulon, Karimun Jawa, Bromo-Pekalen-Sempu, Indonesia
2013 : Kuala Lumpur-Penang, Malaysia; Hat Yai-Koh Tao-Bangkok, Thailand; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Pahawang, Komodo-Trans Flores, Palangkaraya, Cirebon, Gunung Kidul, Indonesia
2014 : Takabonerate, Madura, Indonesia

I tin all the same larn the move photos inwards Indonesia, for I unremarkably larn amongst my move buddies (Aneen, Windy Dee, Cousin Dina). But photos of my move abroad would require extra endeavour in addition to time, in addition to it is probable that I would never fully recover them.

Now, would you lot excuse me for I desire to mourn for a while...

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