East Sumba: Business Office One - The Trip

Hello, sweeties! I'm dorsum from the rapid assessment as well as awareness raising final result on solar panel electrification plan inward 5 villages inward East Sumba. It was my start trip to Sumba Island, 1 of the outer islands of Indonesia, as well as I must tell that the sense was quite mind-blowing.

I've been to Flores Island as well as Timor Island, I fifty-fifty experienced an emergency landing inward West Sumba's Tambolaka airport, but those trips didn't educate me for this East Sumba visit. It was to a greater extent than than merely the imperial view, but also its cultural values.

I landed inward East Sumba's Umbu Mehang Kunda aerodrome amongst my colleagues. We used Citilink (HLP-DPS) as well as Nam Air (DPS-WGP), amongst a nighttime transit inward Bali. There is merely about other airline offering flights to Umbu Mehang Kunda airport, but the constituent already had bad experiences amongst that item airlines, thus nosotros went amongst the other one.

After dealing amongst car rental as well as other preparation, nosotros left Waingapu as well as went to the villages on the southern coast trouble of East Sumba. There are several routes, but nosotros chose the 1 that passes Tanarara village. As nosotros moved to the south, the persuasion changes from dry out as well as dusty savanna to cherry-red soil to dark-green pastures. Sometimes nosotros saw wild sandalwood pony, a local Equus caballus breed named afterward sandalwood.

Potable H2O rootage inward Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park

We experienced ii incidents during the trip, as well as somehow java is involved. How, I remove heed yous ask? First, the ball articulation vicious apart. It happened merely a few kilometers afterward nosotros left Kananggar village, which has a small-scale store selling coffee. One of us wanted to sample the java there, but the bulk of us opted out. Then the incident took identify as well as nosotros had to provide to the hamlet amongst the assist of the driver's relatives (who alive inward the village). H5N1 loving cup of java was no longer a choice, it's a must.

The variety of roads nosotros went through. Up as well as down, forthwith as well as circling, all the way. And I got the whole 3-D sense because I sat on the forepart seat

This photograph was taken when the ball articulation vicious apart.

The incident allowed us to conduct keep a to a greater extent than intimate expect to the daily life. We chatted amongst the habitation owners, as well as constitute that they studied inward Satya Wacana Christian University inward Salatiga, Central Java. The hubby at nowadays plant every bit a farmer, piece the married adult woman is a remain at habitation mom. They both took Law as well as constitute that in that place was non much to create inward the hamlet amongst their degree.

After an hr or thus chatting, the dependent plain moved to marriage ceremony. I intend it all started when a boar fumbled along our legs. I was startled to catch such large animal, but the married adult woman said in that place was merely about other 1 bigger inward the stall, which was kept for marriage proposal ceremony.

The married adult woman (my bad, I forgot to inquire her name!) said that during the proposal, the groom solid unit of measurement comes to the bride's solid as well as negotiates on the dowry, which unremarkably consists of horned boars, oxen, buffaloes as well as horses. The position out of the animals depends on the negotiation, which tin sack final for days.

During the start coming together of both families, the groom gives mamuli, a laid of pendant as well as chain representing woman somebody as well as manly somebody organs, every bit a sign of goodwill. There are to a greater extent than solid unit of measurement meetings afterward the start one, as well as each coming together requires fifty-fifty to a greater extent than dowry. H5N1 Sumba guy talked to his friend (so I overheard) that he all the same needed to purchase fifteen to a greater extent than animals to consummate the dowry as well as his oldest shaver is already inward head school!

There are many cases of domestic violence inward the expanse because the husbands intend they conduct keep spent thus much for their wives, thus they tin sack process the wives the agency they similar it. The women also create near of the household chores: cooking, getting H2O from spring/well/river, getting forest for the burn downwards inward the kitchen, washing clothes, etc.

While many of them admit that the traditions burden them, they move along maxim that the traditions are adept as well as genuinely protect the women because if the husbands mistreat the wives, the women's solid unit of measurement tin sack pace inward as well as intervene. In merely about cases, the women's solid unit of measurement tin sack provide the dowry as well as convey dorsum the women to the family's home.

A laid of mamuli

But I digress, where was I? Ah yes, the 2nd car incident happened when nosotros left Tandula Jangga village. And how did java play a utilisation inward it?

We had been drinking java inward the by few days as well as it started to conduct keep a cost on our stomach. So on that fateful morning, I made the squad cereal drink. One somebody who is a java addict was non happy amongst the drink. I told him that we'd larn a loving cup of java inward the adjacent village. But approximate what, the host served him tea! He was upset that he couldn't larn his caffeine fix, as well as thus suddenly, the 1 of the tires merely blew up. So again, nosotros had to halt as well as larn a loving cup of java piece the driver changed the tire.

That was my boss changing the tire, as well as yeah nosotros are evil employees. Ah, the payoff of existence the alone adult woman inward a route trip.

Sorry I was a flake belatedly inward posting this. Drafting a long weblog postal service takes upward to a greater extent than fourth dimension than posting a photograph as well as ii paragraphs of caption inward Instagram, but I've committed to compile all sense here, thus delight comport amongst me.

In the hateful time, if yous desire to move along upward amongst my daily snapshots, yous tin sack banking concern fit @tasrianti. Feel complimentary to follow as well as driblet comments (nice ones, please).

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