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Ubud, near Bali island frosty central upland, is a adore trove of social landmarks, which range from historical temples and majestic age-old royal palaces, to fabulous panoramas of renewable hillsides and grain terraces. The city and its own outskirts within the Gianyar regency, is your vacation vacation spot if you are afterward in to the Balinese culture, arts and crafts, as it was where a few of the world's noteworthy artisans and enthusiasts have visited, resided and functioned, creating or compiling eclectic masterpieces that You can see in local museums and Art.

welcome to bali in this video we're going to get a glimpse into the balinese culture including the dance the beaches the world's most expensive coffee and more. let's go check it out.this is bali

bali things to see
bali things to see, international airport about 30 degrees warmer here and very humid. we drive into the mountainside of ubud to visit a coffee shop not just any coffee shop

this one sells the coveted luwak coffee which is made from a cat called a civet cat. it's known as the most expensive coffee in the world. this is saffron tea and mike got pandanus drink. wow very sweet. do you like coffee? this is where the coffee comes from this little cat very hungry she eats a lot of coffee. so yes this is the coffee made from the

civet cat droppings. how much does it cost? well on amazon it goes for roughly $45 usd for a few ounces. this is it right here, it's brewing, starting to turn brown. about to try it. here is the finished product. ready? is it filming? it is. whatcha drinkin? coffee from the cat. how was it?

it was actually really good. here we go visit - civet cat coffee. mmm good taste like chicken actually it tastes like really good espresso. ready? yeah. try it. how was it? very complex - a lot going on there. this is like bali in one photo. so bali is a hindu part of indonesia that's why there's a lot of temples and this one is in ubud in the

mountainside. after all that culture and coffee it's time to head over to the beach to the seminyak area where we go to the potato head beach club famous for its amazing drinks and food. check out the sunset - bali! the next day we visited the markets in ubud where we saw a stone carving shop

where they sold all kinds of hindu stone carvings bali is known for its exquisite craft including wood carvings stone carvings an intricate jewelry we walked away with a few buddha sculptures made from sandalwood you guys pay me yeah i like your hair by in a bag from the top three now it's time to see the famous balinese dance performance called

the kecak dance which features men chanting in a circle to a mesmerizing performance telling the hindu story of rama and sita. [kecak chanting] oh no, he's taking her. awe man, come back. she's back. [gamelan music]

we hope that you enjoyed this cultural tour of bali. if you liked it - hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more travel videos. terima kashi!

The majority of Bali's museums and galleries are focused in Ubud, but culture and record wealthy Bali is peppered when museums and galleries. These museums and galleries offer paintings, woodcarvings, textiles and all types of souvenirs for looking at and after that purchase. Neka Museum in Campuhan, Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud, Seniwati Gallery & Agung Rai Museum in Pengosekan, to view difference together with creative artwork and even more commercial products.

Inspired by vivid green grain paddies, mountains and colourful Balinese celebrations, the elite creative colony that commenced in the 1930's like eminent Western european painters, freelance writers and musicians has expanded into a flourishing arts centre, pulling more and more guests. Ubud is as well as a affluent crafts centre. almost Ubud the encompassing villages bearing in mind Camphuan, Penestanan, Peliatan and Batuan focusing on crafts and woodcarving which can be purchased all re the island. You can find hundreds of retailers providing antiques, woodcarvings, crafts, textiles, paintings and earrings as competently as among the better fine art museums in the associated states, dozens of art work studios, an outstanding local build market, and galleries providing local and international art work.

Ubud's role as the epicenter of Balinese culture helps it be the absolute destination to look received Balinese party and play. From the first 1920's the royal relations made certain that most accomplished teachers of party, music and dilemma were taken to Ubud to amuse the Ruler and spread their knowledge. Dances subsequently Legong, Ramayana, Baris, Kecak and Sanghyang (the flames party) are performed nightly in Bona town, just 15 minutes' drive from Ubud. Bali's most completed dancers, music artists, painters and carvers are in just 10 rectangular kilometers.

Balinese Hinduism remains better in Ubud than in further places in Bali, cremation wedding ceremony or party of some sort. Balinese Hinduism is particular from that of India and has soaked up the animism of Bali's pre-Hindu ancestors - motivated by the incredible beauty of Bali's panoramas - rice areas, mountains, river gorges, villages and historical temples.

Visit Ubud Monkey Forest, an every natural plant reserve favored by both local people and vacationers. Inhabited by outrageous monkeys who'll grab the camera, bananas, handbags, toupees, etc. These mischievous monkeys meet the expense of a lot of entertainment. engaging meandering pathways guide to captivating places taking into consideration the bathing temple encircled by lush remnants of historical forest. Just off the key square a pleasant arched rock bridge causes the Hindu elephant-headed Lord Ganesh looking over a small, rectangular, many pool where have koi swim at his ft.

bali things to see - Place to visit in Bali
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