Kuta Lombok Surf Schools

Kuta Lombok Surf Schools
Lombok island, Indonesia has long been a world category surfing destination for experienced surfers. the southern coastline offers a number awesome reef breaks that lure surfers from all over the globe, nonetheless lombok additionally offers masses of waves which are only right for out right beginners.

journey lombok provides experienced native surf instructors by having nice understanding of native conditions. they actually are patient, passionate guides who facilitate you'>might help you get started by the right foot. not just can you facilitate keep the locals employed you'll additionally learn concerning lombok rich culture. 
Kuta Lombok Surf Schools

There are Kuta Lombok Surf Schools:
# Kimen Surf,Kuta Lombok
Telp: +62 370 655064 (kimensurf@yahoo.com)
Address: Jl Kuta Mawun, Pujut, Kuta (at the junction), 
Kimen Surfshop is established in Kuta Beach,Kuta lombok, South Lombok. We are the only complete surf shop in all of Lombok. Our shop is owned and run by board riders for board riders. With skilled and cooperative employees we cater to all your surfing needs. So delight stop by for a free Kuta Lombok journal, surge journal and enlarge outlook, or just to state hi to our amicable crew.

We supply premier brands and our own KimenSurf mark of surfshorts, t-shirts, females wear and caps.
Everything from legropes, deckgrip, fins, booties, wax, surf hats, rash vests, fin closes, fin keys, boardcovers and journey protectors to reef cut surgery, sunscreen, zinc, lips balm and surf publications.
We stock new boards from Australia and America. We furthermore buy and deal secondhand boards.
Surf trips:
Our tour guides know where and when the best waves are.....We do tours of the localizedizedized area, all of Lombok and Sumbawa. Overland, by ocean or fast boat*, we can take you there..!!!
Surf Lessons:
The skilled localized surf teachers can teach you the basics, from paddling and standing up to technique and wave information.
Surfboards, longboards, bodyboards, motorbikes with surf racks and vehicles.
Ding Repairs:
Whatever the impairment to your board, we can fix it. Our skilled ding fixer benefits imported materials to professionally fix your board and get you back into the waves.
decorating Gallery:
Oil paintings, sketches and caricatures made upon your demand.
Southlombok Surf person taking photos:
Photography and local surf DVD article your surfing vacation, coordinate transport, money changer for best rate in village

# Kuta Reef Surf Shop
Kuta Beach (on the beach, near Surfers Inn). 

# Breeze Surf 
Located at Breeze cafe on the eastern end of town. Surfboard rental, wax, surf lessons and surf guides. 

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