Kuta Lombok Homestay

Kuta Lombok Homestay

Kuta Lombok has a fast kind of accommodations and bistros, extending from backpacker offerings out to a four celebrity resort for a lot of wealthy travelers. varied persons reach out to kuta only out to unwind, lie upon the beach, lease a motorcycle out to gaze round, or out to only rest by reading a publication or taking a nap inside the entire one time noon.

The vast majority of kuta retains its drowsy, natural characteristic just like a usual angling city. the localizedized persons have a dwelling in lodgings clusters ( mentioned to as kampungs ) and are mostly unaffected by tourist activity. visitors will stroll along dirt streets and glimpse the villagers going concerning their usual every day undertakings. nourishment is generally prepared food over a timber blaze and the babies live a carefree lifetime of taking part in upon the sandy seaseashore and ascending timber. most a person exceptionally amicable out to foreigners 

Following complete list of Kuta Lombok Homestay:
Mimpi Manis Homestay, 
Address = Jalan Raya Mong, Desa Mong, Kuta (about 2 km north of Kuta village), + 62 818 369950
Mimpi Manis's accommodation consists 2 rooms & one house. Room 3 (pictured left). has 1 single and 1 small double bed with decorative yet functional mosquito nets. Bamboo wardrobe, bedside table &  safety deposit box & DVD Player

Yulis Homestay, 
Address = Kuta,  +62 819 17100983 (mikebetts2004@yahoo.com)
Yulis Homestay Features:
Indonesian and Kiwi hosts.
Motorbike rental.
Room rates from Rp350,000 per night including breakfast.
Airport pick-up and drop off.
Reliable information on all the good stuff to see and do in Kuta.
2 on site swimming pools.
Hot shower facility available.
2 modern kitchen facilities are available for use by our guests. Free tea, coffee & drinking water.
A safe, quiet and relaxing location for your holiday 600m from the beach.
8 new big bright sunny bedrooms all with own private bathroom & air conditioning & ceiling fan & comfortable spring beds.

Are Goling Bungalows & Restaurant, Are Goling via Kuta
Address = (follow Jalan Selong Balanac 7 km westward from Kuta, follow signs southward to destination 1.5 km from turn-off, go 50 m past school, near beach), (mail@aregoling.com)

Anda Bungalows & Restaurant,
Address = Jl Pantai Kuta, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), +62 370 654836

Surfers Inn,
Address = Kuta (centrally located on the beach road),  +62 370 55582 (fax: +62 370 655583)

G’Day Inn, 
Address = Kuta (located near the wartel (telephone office) close to the bemo stop),  +62 370 655342

Diyah Homestay, 
Address = Sidestreet to beachroad

Seger Reef Homestay, 
Address = Kuta (located on the beach road, on the eastern edge of town),  +62 370 655528.

Puri Rinjani Bungalow & Restaurant (Formerly Rinjani Agung Beach Bungalows & Restaurant), 
Address = Kuta (located on the beachroad, on the eastern edge of town),  +62 370 654849 (+62 370 653749, fax: +62 370 654852). 

Sekar Kuning Bungalow and Restaurant (Yellow Flower Bungalow), 
Address = Jl Pariwisata (centrally located on the beach road),  +62 370 654856.

Segare Anak Bungalow & Restaurant, 
Address = Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), (segareanakbungalows@yahoo.co.id)

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